Edmilson . A child with the old age syndrome
Many people have been helping


Clinica Mbilo – Doutor Louis Paul & Team workers

Clinica Dentista Mahet – Doutor Adamo & Team workers

Hospital Central – Doutora Olivia e Doutor Geneticista Luis Madeira

Transportes Massinga – shuttle

Backpackers Fatima’s – Sr. Arnaldo, Sr. Agostinho, Sr. Júlio, Sr. Mariano

Tofo Tofo Restaurante – Sonia Induna

Marie d’Arenberrg, Carlos Macuacua

Footage: Gotas


Clothing: brazilian tourists, family and friends:

Tadeu Agostinho, Bruna Caboatan, Sabrina Cardos, Aline Kozon, Talita Sanchez, Andressa Dinato, Caio Costa, Marcelo Medeiros

Maputo support: Familia Kikas Vieira, Paula Vieira & Filhos, São Vicente, Naome Cumbe

School Material: Carrie Thompson & Friends


Food: Nosso Super Mercado – Maputo – Mister Chezad Ahmed

Backpackers Fatima’s & Amilcar: Shuttle


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Please get in touch and let us know how can you support Edmilson.

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